EMH: Legal Calendaring Solution Simplifies Court Deadline Tracking for Multi-Office Firm

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EMH: Legal Calendaring Solution Simplifies Court Deadline Tracking for Multi-Office Firm


Based in Houston, Edison, McDowell & Hetherington (EMH) began seeking a rules-based legal calendaring solution when it launched its California office in 2013. The firm’s former process of manually managing court deadlines was no longer feasible with both the complexity of California rules and an increased case load. Additionally, the firm needed a system that would keep cases centralized and easily accessible across offices with access to court rules nationwide, while remaining well suited for a smaller firm with a limited budget.

EMH began evaluating legal calendaring systems in the fall of 2013 and ultimately made the decision to go with  Aderant Deadlines.com as it provided the same accuracy trusted by the nation’s top firms.  According to Venice Salvacruz, California office coordinator at EMH, “Other than Deadlines.com, we only considered CompuLaw because we know it’s the best calendaring software available—and we weren’t interested in a program unless we could rely on its accuracy.”


In selecting the Deadlines.com solution, EMH received an accurate and reliable calendaring program, including a support team of expert attorneys, which helps minimize the risk of missing court deadlines—the leading cause of malpractice claims. Powered by Aderant CompuLaw’s award-winning technology, Deadlines.com provides unparalleled accuracy with an easy-to-use interface. The solution provides the firm with both the functionality and ease of use they require. Staff nationwide can instantly calculate court deadlines and then seamlessly sync the entries to their Microsoft Outlook calendars with built-in reminders. Once synced, all deadlines are viewable in Outlook or online by anyone working on the case.

The firm implemented Deadlines.com in November 2013 for their California based office. It was so effective that they also began using it in their home office in Houston. The intuitive interface helped staff quickly acclimate to the system and implement docketing best practices. Robust reporting features have allowed users to sort deadlines by case, trigger event, or various date ranges. Additionally, users are able to save and print PDF versions of deadline reports based on those filters, a feature the firm employs regularly.

With minimal training by Aderant support staff, EMH attorneys and associates were able to quickly implement the new system into their regular workflow. In short order, attorneys and firm associates became comfortable entering their own cases and deadlines into the system. The firm is pleased with the uncomplicated functionality and ease of use Deadlines.com offers, as well as the increase in efficiency it has facilitated.

In Their Words

“The greatest benefit is the accuracy and detail of the deadlines and the peace of mind it provides,” commented Venice Salvacruz. “We would have to have another full-time person to keep track of all the court rules and deadlines, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the rule changes when manually calendaring—which can make or break your case. We actually had a scare where the judge ordered us to show cause as to why our removal deadline was a day late—because the federal judge neglected to calendar a state court holiday because it only applied in limited situations! We were so grateful to the Deadlines.com attorneys who provided a timely, detailed response on how the deadline was calculated. For a small law firm that handles cases nationwide, Deadlines.com is a great alternative over the larger calendaring systems, especially if you’re mindful of pricing. Deadlines.com gives your firm the ability to keep overhead low without compromising quality.”