iTimekeep Creates Better Timekeepers by Removing the Barriers to Time Entry

There are many ways to keep track of time, but only one that truly works in favor or your attorneys and the firm at large. Contemporaneous timekeeping produces the most accurate records, minimizes time leakage, faster billing cycles, less billing errors, quicker payments, and happier clients. iTimekeep helps create better timekeepers by enabling contemporaneous time entry.

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Attorneys love iTimekeep

“It was very intuitive and easy to use. All the excuses that I’d come up with about why timekeeping is hard and a pain in the neck; too many steps – were all gone.”

– Kat Joyce, Shareholder at Bernstein Shur

With contemporaneous time entry, attorneys at Sterne Kessler using iTimekeep improved timekeeping by 85%, compared to the group at large. For the firm’s iTimekeep users, 78% of the time was entered contemporaneously (versus 20% in the baseline data).


Why Today’s Top Firms Consider iTimekeep the Fastest Path to Revenue

When attorneys enter their time contemporaneously with iTimekeep, firms reduce time leakage and increase billing accuracy. Say goodbye to invisible time that leads to lost revenue!


63% of firms are leaking time due to poor timekeeping practices.


The world’s most competitive firms prioritize contemporaneous time entry.
Are you one of them?

Embark on the Shortest Path to Revenue with iTimekeep

With iTimekeep, time is entered into your system twice as fast.


Increase Velocity

Velocity (in days) is the term we use to measure how fast time cards get into the system from the moment the work is performed. The closer to Zero days, the better the velocity. With itimeKeep, the average velocity is less than 1 day, compared to 5 days without iTimekeep.


Record Smaller Tasks

When timekeepers enter time using iTimekeep, there is a 60% increase in the likelihood of capturing smaller tasks.


Keep Accurate Records

The faster the velocity, the more accurate the records, which means billing for the right amount of hours and keeping clients happy.


Minimize Time

63% of firms that are not practicing contemporaneous time entry believe that they are leaking time due to poor time entry practices.  Attorneys that use iTimekeep enter 15% more time than those that do not. How much is your firm leaving on the table?


Experience Faster Billing Cycles

Less billing errors, quicker payments. Accurate time entries, combined with real-time compliance, ensures that client billing guidelines are being met as time is entered and this means less rejections and faster payment.


Retain Happy Clients and Gain Their Trust

When bills are submitted with accurate times and in accordance with billing guidelines, client trust is preserved.

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Experience the #1 Most Adopted Time Entry Solution in the Legal Industry

Discover for yourself why iTimekeep is the preferred app for contemporaneous time entry and time management for law firms worldwide.