We understand…
You’ve heard it all before, right?

Too often, vendors over-promise and under deliver when it comes to the installation process. At Aderant, we’re committed to reducing IT burdens and removing barriers to time entry. That’s why we designed our implementation process to be fast and simple. We’ll have your timekeepers up and running in (almost literally) no time!

itimekeep time entry

5 Steps to Implementing iTimekeep at your Firm:


STEP 1: Kick-off meeting | 30 min

During our meeting, we will discuss goals and expectations, and the strategy for rolling iTimekeep out to your professionals.


STEP 2: Firm completes pre-requisites | 30 min

Since iTimekeep is Time Entry as a Service, there is no additional software or hardware to purchase. Just pick any server at your firm to connect.


STEP 3: iTimekeep install + admin training | 60 min

Cast aside everything you ever thought to be true about software implementations: time-consuming, expensive hardware, resource-intensive and complicated. Your firm will be up and running in one hour or less.

itimekeep time entry

STEP 4: Onboard attorneys | 10 to 45 min

Whether your firm has 5 or 7500 attorneys, getting attorneys setup in iTimekeep is as simple as can be. There is nothing to be done on the mobile device or desktop. Not fast enough? You can use our bulk-upload and attorney iTimekeep accounts will be created instantly.


STEP 5: Launch!

iTimekeep is so simple to use that most attorneys do not require training. Attorneys simply receive a beautiful-looking email with the three simple steps on how to get started. However, our launch plan can be tailored to your firm’s needs: onsite rollout, intranet page, attorney training and more.

itimekeep time entry

Let’s not make this too complicated, get started now!