The Case for a Case Management Solution

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The Case for a Case Management Solution

Protect your firm’s bottom line with built-in resources to enhance productivity and increase efficiency.

As attorneys, paralegals, and other crucial members of your team manage large caseloads, the complexities of many moving parts and disparate activities across various locations and systems often generate a sense of chaos and disorder. For firms that lack a case management solution, manually tracking relevant information scattered throughout the firm’s inboxes, spreadsheets, databases, and even within an individual’s memory is a tedious and seemingly endless task. Non-billable time, miscommunication, and an overall lack of clarity in the status of cases can amount to burnout and frustration for your team. A case management solution can alleviate these headaches, increase profits, and provide your firm with peace of mind.

Five Benefits of a Case Management Solution:

#1: A Centralized Workspace for Your Matters

A case management solution will centralize the large volume of information and various moving parts of your matters, such as external parties, internal staff assignments, upcoming tasks and appointments, important dates and deadlines, documents, and other vital information.

Having a centralized workspace enables users to easily pull up a matter and see everything going on without having to manually gather these details from multiple people and locations. Having your matters in one location saves a large amount of time that would otherwise be considered non-billable due to increasing scrutiny from client Outside Counsel Guidelines. The time saved can easily amount to 6-10 hours a week per user, not only giving your firm peace of mind but also the potential for significant financial gains.

#2: Consistency and Efficiency with Automated Processes

Many case management solutions centralize the storage of information, but quality solutions offer the additional functionality of process automation.

One area particularly suited to automation is document creation. It is estimated that firms can save 80 to 90% of the time that they currently spend creating and editing documents by using document automation. Even if your firm saves just 5 to 10 minutes per document by reusing a template stored in your Document Management system, avoiding the need to adjust formatting or copy information from another location, you can quickly see the benefits and savings add up.

Additionally, your case management system should allow for the automation of tasks to be completed for each matter, whether specific to your client or type of matter you are working on. A quality case management solution is equipped to create workflow templates so that these tasks can be easily assigned with deadlines and dates automatically calculated, saving both administrative effort as well as ensuring that you do not overlook important deadlines.

#3 An Enhanced Client Experience

Automating your processes, such as workflows and document assembly, ensures an outstanding, consistent client experience. Additionally, a strong case management solution will be able to track your Outside Counsel Guidelines including everything from outstanding client specific tasks to time entry billing rules. When your firm is committed to delivering the best possible client experience, the resulting loyalty and referrals will ensure your profitability and future competitive success. Adopting a case management solution gives your firm a more stable foundation to build new and enhance existing client relationships.

#4: Easy Remote Access to Your Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the unpredictability of the modern work environment and emphasized the importance of flexibility in work conditions. Firms with software solutions that are remotely accessible have an increased level of productivity and a competitive advantage, whether in an extreme situation like a global pandemic or simply working remotely away from the office. As hybrid work environments rise in popularity, the need for anytime, anywhere access to vital case information is even more imperative than when firms shifted to fully remote work in March 2020.

#5: A Customizable System to Meet Evolving Needs

For a firm with a wide range of practice areas, service offerings may differ. In addition, the needs within each practice area, for each client, and for each user at the firm will vary greatly. A quality case management solution offers built-in best practices and enables your firm to easily adapt to the needs of different stakeholders. A thorough case management solution will also have the tools necessary for your firm to easily incorporate new government regulations, firm processes, or client requirements, so that you can remain competitive and engaged without extensive downtime.

The enhanced productivity and increased efficiency provided by a case management solution can give your firm a valuable competitive advantage.

Implementing a case management solution is not only a matter of convenience, but it is also a strategic move to ensure your firm’s future success. Every minute that is wasted recreating documents, looking for information, or rectifying miscommunications on deadlines and events will cost your firm not only dollars, but also client trust. Today’s top-performing firms continually invest in new technology to further their commitment to productivity and efficiency, and a commitment to streamlined case management is no exception.

Considering the benefits that a new case management solution could provide your firm? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.