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4 Best Practices to Manage your Billing Guidelines

The next time that you find yourself among legal administrators, try this:

You say, “Billing guidelines.”

Wait for it – you are about to hear a collective groan, that is almost guaranteed, if you are in the company of this fine group of legal professionals.

The reason for this reaction is completely understandable.

After all, billing guidelines, often a subset of the notorious Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG), have become a pain point for law firms in recent years, due to the increased scrutiny taking place on the client side and the sheer volume of unique guidelines that firms are expected to manage.


Do You Know How Much Revenue is at Risk at Your Firm?

If you don’t know the answer to how much revenue is at risk at your firm (or how to get it), you’re not alone. The fact of the matter is, most firms are struggling with compliance issues with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) and the financial fallout due to rejections, reductions, appeals, payment delays, etc.

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How to Manage Outside Counsel Guidelines According to the Experts

How would you describe managing OCG at your firm? Overwhelming? Time consuming? Elusive? Frustrating? Fun? Probably not the last one. Managing unique Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG), specifically, billing guidelines, for several corporate clients is necessary, but also one of the most significant challenges that firms are facing right now. After all, most firms are experiencing

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Three Reasons to Take the OCG Survey

By now, you've heard the exciting news that we've teamed up with ALA to launch the first (ever!) Law Firm Leader Survey on OCG. We're setting out to measure the impact of OCG, e-billing and billing compliance at law firms - data that is desperately needed in the industry right now. So, should you take
Outside Counsel Guidelines

2019 Annual Law Firm Leader Survey on Outside Counsel Guidelines

Legal departments have been, and will continue to be, under tremendous budgetary pressure to control legal spend and relentlessly pursue neither over nor underpaying for the value of services it produces or procures. Outside counsel spend, the largest line item on any legal department budget, has been the most volatile budget metric in the post-recession period. Cutting these costs is low hanging fruit.