Lakin Spears: Improved Efficiency with Online Calendaring System

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Lakin Spears: Improved Efficiency with Online Calendaring System

Lakin Spears, LLP is a boutique firm that handles legal matters in business and real estate, family law, trusts and estates, and taxation. After dealing with hard to use calendaring systems, Lakin Spears required a system that could be easily implemented and didn’t require manual entry of their deadlines.


Lakin Spears wanted a calendaring system that was easy to use and that could sync with Microsoft Outlook. Previously, legal assistants relied on manual entry for deadlines after struggling to operate a complex calendaring system. The firm grew increasingly frustrated by manually entering deadlines; a very time consuming effort. In addition, they found the existing system very cumbersome to use. It quickly became apparent that their existing software lacked some of the key elements the firm required while simultaneously having many features they did not need, so they began looking at other options, including


Ultimately, Lakin Spears decided to proceed with, the SaaS version of Aderant CompuLawfor its calendaring needs. The biggest draw to was the accuracy. Knowing that uses the same team of licensed attorneys to research their court rules as CompuLaw provided invaluable peace of mind. It was an added bonus that both attorneys and technical support were included in their account.

Given the firm’s calendaring needs, had the perfect balance of functionality vs. ease of use. Support staff could instantly calculate deadlines and then seamlessly sync the entries to their Outlook calendars. Once synced, all deadlines could be viewed in Microsoft Outlook or online by anyone working on the case.

The intuitive and easy to use online interface of helped the support staff feel comfortable using the system. After the complexity of their previous program, it was refreshing to be able to easily calculate their deadlines and sync them to their calendars. The reporting features enabled them to filter deadlines by case, trigger event, or various date ranges. Additionally, support staff could save and print PDF versions of deadline reports based on those filters. They also appreciated the ability to save different versions of deadlines that were generated before and after dates were excluded, so they could reference the original list if need be.

Previously, support staff managed multiple calendars and deadlines by manually entering them onto the partners’ calendars, which was inefficient. With the syncing capabilities of and the easy to use online interface, the legal assistants can now quickly calculate deadlines and then sync to their Outlook calendars. Any changes made to the deadlines can be easily updated on their calendars and reviewed on the change log.

The firm implemented in September of 2008 for their family law partners and assistants, and immediately saw the benefits. Each legal assistant easily became acclimated to the site, with occasional calls to the support staff but no formal training. Overall, the users are pleased with the functionality has to offer to them as longtime clients.

In Their Words

“If your firm uses Outlook to manage deadlines, I highly recommend implementing,” explains Wendy Martin, Legal Assistant at Lakin Spears. “ is easy to use and intuitive. You don’t need to change anything; the system automatically updates and easily syncs with your calendars. It’s much easier to change dates without having to re-calendar deadlines. Plus, you don’t receive any additional charges by doing so!”