Walkers: A Timely Upgrade

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Walkers: A Timely Upgrade


Walkers used the Aderant Expert platform for more than 15 years to efficiently and simply manage their firm. Because they were using an earlier version of the solution, however, users were missing out on significant usability improvements, feeling it took too many steps to make entries or changes.

Many timekeepers relied on notes to supplement their electronic entries, all of which were typically logged at the end of their work day, a process that was neither timely nor accurate. Billing bottlenecks were frequent, and there was an ongoing concern about billable time being lost because of the lag in time entries and the overall inefficiencies and inconsistencies. The firm’s objective of contemporaneous recording of billable time seemed unattainable.

Walkers set out to make a change, completing a thorough evaluation of available time recording software, including Expert Time Management 8.0.


Many software upgrades provide incremental benefits to users, but the introduction of Expert Time Management 8.0 promised a streamlined approach to time capture. This latest generation of Time Management was built on the new Expert common framework, and is the product of extensive customer feedback. Improved integration and a new, robust set of intuitive views enable users to more efficiently and accurately enter, track and edit time.

Walkers quickly saw the opportunity in both front and back office, and once they demonstrated the capabilities to its timekeepers, so did the users. The application looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook, so users were immediately comfortable and didn’t need to learn a new interface. Flexible views let them easily tailor to their needs and preferences and auto- prompting encouraged contemporaneous recordkeeping.

The ability to replicate frequent entries, and create entries from emails, simplified time entry, and new editing capabilities improved accuracy.

In addition, the software’s new framework meant that users in remote offices could make time entries directly from their desktop. That not only made it easier for Walkers’ users, but it also eliminated the firm’s need to deploy Citrix as a workaround and reduced the burden on its IT department and network infrastructure.


By utilizing the built-in Time Management functionality of Aderant Expert, Walkers avoided taking on the additional cost and maintenance of a third-party solution. In short, the same functionality as other time capture systems was already covered in their current service agreement with Aderant, instantly providing Walkers with a higher ROI and more value from their existing system.

The successful rollout of Expert Time Management 8.0 quickly led to the adoption of two complementary Aderant applications, On the Go Time and Found Time. On the Go Time enables anywhere, anytime time capture – online or off. Found Time automatically reconstructs a timekeeper’s day, finding missed billable hours and boosting revenues.

In Their Words

“The implementation of Aderant Expert’s Time Management 8.0 has been transformative. Timekeepers have embraced the new software, resulting in more contemporaneous time entries. That’s eliminated billing bottlenecks and reduced the amount of back-and-forth required to produce accurate, timely bills.”

—Jordana Clarke, Walkers Head of Training & Development