[eBook] Managing OCG Ultimate Guide


[eBook] Managing OCG Ultimate Guide

What You Resist, Persists – OCG is Here to Stay

Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) have become standard practice in the working relationships between law firms and their corporate clients. These requirements put forth by the client often include specific instructions on how law firms should conduct their business – ranging from ethics and conduct to staffing and billing. Given the length and complexity of these agreements, compounded by the fact that they exist in a unique form for each corporate relationship, law firms have their hands full trying to keep it all straight in order to stay in compliance.

There’s no getting around it – managing OCG is hard – and in some ways, downright impossible.

In today’s environment, corporate clients are becoming increasingly strict, implementing new guidelines and scrutinizing each bill in order to identify those that can be rejected. eBilling has made it easy for automated solutions to flag non-compliant bills, thus increasing the rates of rejections, lengthening the billing cycle, and putting a strain on the firm-client relationship.

In this eBook, we dissect billing guidelines, show how firms can better manage OCG, and discuss the far reaching benefits of billing compliance.

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