Legal Business Reports

Legal Business Reports


The Client Side Evolution of Law Firm Collaboration

Imagine a scenario where a law firm is able to provide every client with a secure portal to share documents, data, and expertise in real-time. The concept of a client collaboration technology (or client portal) is not new, but traditionally these have been expensive and difficult to deploy.

Billable hours

Beyond Billable Hours

Optimizing the revenue cycle goes beyond billable hours, accounts receivable and on-time payments. However, improving margins is well within reach for many law firms.


How to Put Mobility to Work for Law Firms

When we visit law firms around the globe, we are often struck by just how many firms are still reliant on paper and paper-based legal business processes. Even at firms with paperless initiatives, we’ll see billing partners packing up stacks of pre-bills to review and edit in the evening at home.

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New Rules for Knowledge Management Tools

As the digital age came about, a combination of computer technology and intellectual prowess turned mountains of paper into digital files. Fast forward 20 or 30 years and law firms are now sitting on mountains of data, but most aren’t using this data to the best of its ability.

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Debunking the Myths of Calendaring & Docketing Technology

There are some technologies that emerge and seamlessly replace the old way of doing things, much like the way email replaced pen and paper as the primary means of business communication. Other technologies take longer to attain mass adoption because of issues with price, ease-of-use, or simply breaking old habits.

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5 Reasons Why Midsized Law Firms Are Moving to the Cloud

For some people, being the “first” at anything can be a scary proposition. According to Everett Rogers’ Law of Diffusion of Innovation, “early adopters” are those who don’t necessarily want to be the first, but are willing to embrace something new and begin to use it after the innovators have paved the way.

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Challenging the Status Quo in Law Firms

Most law firms recognize that the legal market is changing. Most also believe that the business of law must evolve too, to meet changing client demands and grow the business. To do so, all of the many business processes and procedures involved in running a law firm merit evaluation for improvement, in order to be more profitable.


Improve WIP-to-Cash

What would an additional two percent of profit do for your law firm? What would two percent more, added to the bottom line, mean for profits per partner, or bonuses to the associates and other law firm staff? What effect would that have on law firm morale, culture, talent acquisition – and even momentum in a highly competitive environment?

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Efficiency is the Future of Law

Demand has dropped, budgets are scrutinized carefully, and new or alternative service providers have entered the market. As a result, the legal landscape has never been more intense and law firms have never had to compete so hard for business. At the same time, corporate clients are demanding greater efficiency, transparency and predictability into the
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The Agile Law Firm

The legal market today is rife with volatility and change. Client needs are dynamic,new sources of competition are emerging, and the downward pressures on legal pricing show few signs of slowing. Some law firms are adapting while others are not. At a recent international conference of managing partners from law firms across the globe, the