Bringing a Consumer-Grade Portal Experience to the Legal Industry

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Bringing a Consumer-Grade Portal Experience to the Legal Industry

Would consumers bank with a financial institution that didn’t provide online access to their checking or savings accounts? Consider all the transactions you can conduct simply by logging into an online account or mobile app. Years ago, these operations would have required a phone call or trip to a branch office, but today, the ability to perform these online is a consumer expectation. A bank that does not offer its customers self-service access online struggles to be competitive.

We see the same expectations arising in the legal industry. Corporate clients are increasingly asking for secure online portals from the law firms. Clients see it as a natural progression in the pursuit of closer collaboration and increased transparency. And while the notion of a client portal is not new, traditionally these have been expensive to deploy, not scalable or repeatable, and therefore reserved for only marquee clients.

Customizable client portals are now a reality due to advancements in technology. Right now, client portals are becoming ubiquitous in the legal community. Corporate clients have an expectation that they can check in on the progress and status of their matters – from budget planning, to a legal outcome. Firms that do not offer client portals will be anomalies. In the long run, law firms will see them as an essential tool for all clients to strengthen relationships and even create new business opportunities.

In our latest Legal Business Report titled “The Client-Side Evolution of Law Firm Collaboration,” we explore this reality and delve into how law firms can and will create robust client collaboration portals in order to enhance client relationships.

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