One Experience: Mobile vs. Desktop is Dead

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One Experience: Mobile vs. Desktop is Dead

We live in a mobile world, right? After all, isn’t “mobile” everything these days?

Traditionally, when we think about technology, we tend to frame things as “mobile” vs. “desktop.” The thought is that mobile is the present and the future and desktop is the “old way” of doing things. While this may be true in some respects, I think that we are missing the point entirely. It is both: mobile and desktop. Studies show a faster than expected shift of web usage from desktop to mobile in the past year. Today mobile usage is about 57% vs 43% desktop, furthermore mobile has pulled even with desktop in total pages viewed on site.

Mobility has certainly been the trend over the past decade. After all, there are now more mobile devices than people on earth. Mobility is now the standard for virtually everything we do, personally and professionally.

It’s the “what we do,” not the “how we do it” that matters. Technology that intuitively supports what we do is what matters. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you want to watch a movie, but you are in an airport. The “what” is watching a movie, so you open your Netflix app and select your movie. Later on, you are kicking up your feet after a long day of travel and once again decide to watch a movie. You open your Netflix app (on your TV this time) and watch a movie. The experience is the same, based on the function that you want to achieve. It’s not about the technology that we use (ipad vs. tv), but rather the benefit that we receive (instant access to the movie of your choice).

This applies to countless scenarios in business and in personal life. In this day and age, when it comes to user experience, we don’t have to worry about what device or which computer you are using – that way of thinking should be left in the past where it belongs.

Rather than thinking of technology in terms of mobile vs. desktop, we prefer One Experience. One Experience focuses on a goal and provides a consistent way for the user to carry out the necessary functions to achieve that goal, regardless of device or location. It’s about being able to do what you need to do, when you want to do it, in the most convenient and intuitive way possible. One Experience is driven by the user’s rules and requires the solution to make accommodations based on user needs.

The thing is, it’s never really been about the device we’re using, anyway. It’s about what that device allows us to do.

In legal technology, few vendors are practicing One Experience. There are many reasons for this. After all, it is expensive and requires catering to the audience, anticipating needs and making complex tasks simple to accomplish for the user. Many vendors aren’t willing or able to make the investment.

It’s time for legacy solutions that can only offer disparate mobile and desktop experiences that do not serve its users to be a thing of the past. We can do better, and you deserve better. Are you ready for One Experience? Contact us here to schedule a conversation with one of our experts.