HeartBleed Vulnerability Serves As Important Reminder for Law Firms


HeartBleed Vulnerability Serves As Important Reminder for Law Firms

As reported in the news last week, a major bug (nick-named HeartBleed) was reported in OpenSSL, the open source cryptographic library used by many websites around the world to protect your information as it is transmitted over the internet. The HeartBleed bug impacted an estimated two-thirds of all websites. While security vulnerabilities have become common in the age of the internet, this is certainly one of the most widespread events that we’ve seen in recent history.

When you are tasked with keeping your firm’s data safe, you need to be able to react quickly when events such as this occur. When the Heartbleed vulnerability was announced, many firms scrambled to determine the extent of their risk exposure. Instances like this serve as an important reminder as to the significant advantages that come with doing business with vendors who offer full-service support.

In the case of the Heartbleed bug, we reacted quickly to ensure that our customers’ data stayed safe. After learning about this vulnerability we quickly performed and assessment of our infrastructure and determined that none of it was affected by HeartBleed. If you are managing these things in house, on the other hand, you are forced to stop what you are doing to handle the issue. When you have confidence that your vendor is handling important security matters such as this, you can avoid draining IT time and resources due to operating in “crisis mode.” Furthermore, you can avoid costly and disruptive gaps in service, which keeps your attorneys happy. You can rest assured knowing that you have an entire team of experts behind you to make sure your attorneys continue to enjoy secure and uninterrupted mobile time entry even during these challenging times.

You treat security with the highest priority and remain committed to ensuring the ongoing safety of your data. That’s why it is so important to work with legal vendors that align with those values and provide a service level that allows you to feel confident that your firm’s data is constantly being protected. The HeartBleed vulnerability is an important reminder of that.